Who is Meghan Markle?

The world knows her as the American actress that married, Prince Harry. So, how did a z-list actress, with lackluster talent, and an even less lackluster personality, position herself to meet and marry the most eligible bachelor in the world, a Prince of the United Kingdom? Good question…

The “Duchess of Sussex” had a middle class upbringing in Los Angeles, CA. Her father, Thomas Markle, was a successful lighting director in Hollywood. Thomas’ brother, Michael, was an American diplomat and helped secure, Meghan, an internship at the US Embassy in, Argentina. Meghan, allegedly, has a Foreign Relations degree from Northwestern University.

Harry’s Wife’s mother, Doria Ragland… well, Ms. Ragland, has a long resume. Make-up artist, yoga instructor, BA Psychology, Masters Degree in social work, was a social worker… and, most interesting to me, she owned a travel agency…

In an interview that Haz’s Wife gave in 2013, she talks about her mother’s travel agency and “connections”.

I just want to put it out there that there was a really great show called “The Americans” (based on a true story) that was about deep cover KGB agents (during the cold war) that lived in DC and their cover was running a travel agency… I’m not saying that Doria Ragland is a deep cover KGB agent… I’m just mentioning it…

Haz’s wife seems to have done a lot of international traveling in her young life. One question that I am going to leave open… who did she meet when she was an intern at the US Embassy in Argentina?

She said that she did not pass the “Foreign Service” exam, so she was unable to have a career at the State Department. Haz’s wife is an idiot, but she strikes me as book smart, so her failing is either a lie, or she did it on purpose.

She became an actress….

Ms. Markle moved to Toronto, Canada in 2011 to film the television show “Suits”. This is what she was best known for. While in, Toronto, she met, Jessica and Ben Mulroney.

Ben Mulroney is the son of former Canadian PM, Brian Mulroney. Through her new connections, Mrs. Mountbatten-Windsor was able to meet and cavort with, current Canadian PM, Justin Trudeau.

Now, how did Meghan Markle manage to position herself to meet, Prince Harry, and what was the agenda behind it?

Other than, she is a narcissist and has always been hungry for world fame.

Did she have an agenda before she met, Haz, or did someone give her an agenda, afterwards?

It seems as though her mission is to destroy the British Monarchy

George Soros is known for a lot of things, but one of the largest and most significant ones is… he literally broke the Bank of England. September 16, 1992, George Soros shorted the British Pound Sterling and destroyed it. https://fortunly.com/articles/george-soros-and-the-bank-of-england

Meghan Markle sure is trying to destroy the British Monarchy by creating racial division….

Hillary Clinton is an outspoken critic of the British Monarchy… specifically about race. Hillary Clinton is a huge “Sugar” – a term used for Meghan Markle supporters

Hillary Clinton is obviously involved in American politics, and is most likely mentoring Haz’s Wife to see that “her” political ambitions come to fruition.

Did Hillary Clinton advise Meghan and Harry on how to use their fame and their foreign royal titles to interfere with the American Presidential 2020 election?

Hillary Clinton is a long-time friend, associate and political ally of, George Soros.

In addition to destroying the British Sterling… does George Soros want to destroy the British Monarchy, too? I certainly think so… there’s a lot of history there. He could, directly or indirectly, be using Meghan Markle to do it. These are just some things I’ve been thinking about and wanted to share. There is too much here for things to just be a coincidence.

I just find it highly unlikely that a mediocre person (inside and out) like, Meghan Markle, was able to get where she is without a little help….

7 thoughts on “Who is Meghan Markle?

  1. I Think Meghan Markle Is on the same level as Amber Heard, Melania Trump, Hilaria Baldwin, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Elaine Chao, Lara Trump, Nadine Macaluso, Chrissy Teigen, Blac Chyna, Omarosa Manigault Newman, Erika Jayne, Nikki Haley, Patrizia Reggiani, Ghislaine Maxwell, Sarah Ferguson, Heather Mills, Marjorie Taylor Greene,


  2. I Think Prince Harry Is on the same level as Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, Jared Kushner, James Murdoch, Lachlan Murdoch, Jordan Belfort, Brody Jenner, Brandon Jenner, Rob Kardashian, Scott Disick, Brett Kavanaugh, Andrew Cuomo, Prince Andrew, Duke of York,

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