Rising Tyranny

I have decided to change my name. Not because I am hiding from anything (I’d change the website address, if I was hiding) – but, Meghan Markle, in my opinion, has gone from being “The Duchess of Narsussex” to being “The Fuhrer Duchess”.

For weeks, I have been referring to her as the Sussex Squad’s Fuhrer. I was pretty much joking about her being and acting like a dictator, but… here we are.

She literally acts like a dictator. She is so thin skinned that she can’t even stand being criticized in the most innocent ways for things that she should be (anyone should be) criticized for.

Not only does she try/does assert narcissistic control over everyone, she is now wielding control and power (on an industrial level) with the brutal force of a dictator. She has attacked what she sees as her enemies (us) and is utilizing a powerful, global machine to do it.

I find narcissism fascinating. And, she is (undoubtable) a narcissist. It was cool to watch how a famous one acts daily. After I got onto, Twitter, I started to realize that there was a lot more going on behind the scenes with Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, Archewell, their “charitable” work, and politics.

So, I started (and will continue to) look into all of that. I also got all of the information off of twitter to prove some of these things. And, I don’t ever want to hear “you’re obsessed with her” anymore. This machine has come after all of us, personally. So, now (for me anyway) its about researching what is going on.

Does Meghan Markle, Prince Harry and their Sussex Squad think that getting people thrown off of twitter going to get people to stop looking into their lies? They only thing that can get people to stop looking into their lies, is for them to STOP LYING! It’s not rocket science. That’s all I’m going to say about this, for now.

I also heard that companies are not interested in working with Meghan Markle because she’s more trouble than she’s worth. This person (who is very well sourced) has also come across the same information. I have cut her name off because I’ve not been able to ask if she wants me to put it out there, and we all know how the psycho the Sussex Squad is, soooooo…..

I also suspected (and this person said it too) that there was going to have to be someone/people to blame for the fact that everyone knows that Haz’s wife sucks. So, looks like we are the fall guy. Ha! She is so pathetic. She uses and abuses private citizens, so that she can say we are the monsters, when in fact she is.

Here is a video from HG Tudor on all of this Twitter stuff and how it relates to her narcissism. Oh, and for the insane clown possee Sussex Squad… HG Tudor is not a part of our ‘international terror network to make Meghan Markle cry’ – as they have stated. He doesn’t care about Meghan Markle, she is a narcissist that has to be in the news and get attention all day everyday, that he is able to document narcissism in real time. He talks about other people to.

That’s it for now, folks. Again, if you have anything you’d like to send, I’m happy to look at it! And, if you can remember, please let me know if you want me to use your name. I don’t want to take credit from anyone, but I don’t want to put anyone in danger, either!!!

Thanks for reading!

11 thoughts on “Rising Tyranny

  1. One person who is not discussed enough is omid scobie. He has hundreds of fake accounts attacking anyone who says boo to meg. His latest addition is murky meg 2. I know a lot of his fake names. Omid will take 2or3 of his fake names and start a thread. Comical really. Omid talks to himself saying vile things about the Royals. Remember the casket post ?? It was him. Vile little man

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  2. Hello Lovely Deutshe Duchess! (Furher Duchess)
    Thank you for taking this on. I suppose the world has always at some time or other had individuals that behave in this crazy narcissistic manner. She does remind me of Snow White’s Stepmother, the evil queen but with her long tendrils. So I have a thought about her so called pregnancies…most or all celebrities that have been pregnant are usually hounded by the Paps and do get the occasional picture of a bikini clad pregnant actress. So since it is strange that no such picture has surfaced to prove that her pregnancy was real. Being she is such a showoff don’t you think if she was really pregnant she would have wanted the world to know, just like Demi Moore’s Magazine cover. Also why are there no Paps outside of the Montecito home? The other question is, do M and H live in the Montecito mansion?

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  3. Meg hired omid . 5 years ago. He has failed but continues to say vile comments about the Royals. The things he says about the Cambridge are vile. I have many of his fake names

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  4. Dear Duchess, Thanks for the update. Looking forward to more info from you. Just wondering what you think about the alleged pregnancies, as most pregnant celebrities have had pictures circulating in the media showing them bikini clad with huge bellies. Since M is such a narcissist and show off, don’t you think that she would have wanted the whole world to see her royal belly just like Kate and Diana?
    Would love your thoughts!

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