A Couple Things – Until Tomorrow

And, I’m definitely looking forward to tomorrow!

Pictures Below:

I contacted my web-hosting company to tell them about the angry, psychotic, twitter, cancel culture Sussex Squad mob that is going to be overwhelming them with reports on how awful I am. Ha!

Their response to me was really quite simple “WE Value Freedom of (your) Speech”. – So, that’s that.

#Sussexsquad – I don’t know how many times I have to tell you NITWITS – I AM NOT HG TUDOR! He is a British Man that (I assume) lives in the UK. I am an American woman that lives in the United States. Now, you’re more than welcome to keep going after him I suppose… I’ll just sit back and watch what happens with all of that! Ha!

Last: This is – “Positively Meghan” aka @MyLovelySuque (whatever the F that means). She seems to think that she is important enough that she can now, with her insane clown posse SS Sussex Squad – Polizei- J. Edgar Hoover Social Media Unit, come and try to bully, target and harrass WordPress.

@MyLovelySuque “rants” on medium.com

So, I went and checked it out… she wasn’t lying, she “rants” and IMO is nasty racists vitriol and a Duchess of Cambridge “hate” blog.

Now, I’m certainly not suggesting that people read her blog, draw their own conclusion on what this person is really all about, and give her the same treatment that her and the squad have given to so many people. I’m not suggesting that at all………. Ha!

It would be a shame if the old saying “do unto others, as you would have them do to you” would be applied to her.

Whoever “Positivly Meghan” is… she’s a hypocritical piece of garbage that is on a power trip. Where, and from who, her and The Sussex Cabal is getting this idea that they have from, is a very interesting question….

11 thoughts on “A Couple Things – Until Tomorrow

  1. Get all your evidence of this campaign to silence us. Screenshots , correspondence…..GET IT TO Robert Eringer….I forwarded you his email



      1. Not entirely sure how to comment lol but we’ll bloody done!!! I’ve been ranting to my hubby all night. Let’s out the lot!!!! Xx


  2. Hi Narc. Its mollykins. I sent you two emails.
    Flying monkeys are cyberstalking you and it took less than two hours to find out you were on word press. We outdid ourselves!! lol.

    Anyway. They are pulling their usual stunts. Telling everyone to report you to word press for ‘abuse’. With a link to report for their ease.🙄
    Of course they don’t recognize the abuse they are perpetuating. What else is new?!🤣
    Anyway, contact me.


  3. You are doing an amazing job! This is extremely worrying. We know that Harry’s wife cannot take any personal criticism and she is now trying to silence the general public!

    This is nothing to do with hate and everything to do with her and her husband’s appalling behaviour to the Queen, Royal Family, their own family, the British people and the Commonwealth.

    Thank you so much for standing up to this attempt to shut down free speech. The Sussex Squad are frightening and make constant threats to individuals and yet do not receive any condemnation!


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