Compelling Argument – Coordinated Attach by Sussex Machine – Pt. 3

September 25, 2021 (One Day Later) – Murky Meg is Down. Along with Kate’s Ranger’s and Lizzie’s BFF

But, a NEW “Murky Meg” rises – Head Troll in Chief – Murky Meg 2. He’s a nasty one. And, he has an agenda.

Number ONE on his hit list…. yours truly. Why, you ask? Not sure. I wasn’t a large account… BUT, the reason he mentions is that I posted “hacked” photoshopped pictures of Meghan Markle up. Which I did no such thing. An easy google search can find them. There are some personal issues that account has with ME for that reason… we’ll get to that later.

Their second target, is an account of similar size to Murky Meg (who also has a YT channel) – Taz. He also had a third account on his main hit list, I’m not really sure what their (specific) issue is with her account.

Here are just some screenshots of some of the Sussex Squad correspondence on a few of these things. Some of them are quite interesting. They seem to think the Middleton’s and Kensington Palace are involved… if you think that is nuts, you ain’t seen noting yet!!!!!

I will be back with Part 4….. these people are rotten to the core.

Oh, boy!!!!!!

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