Compelling Argument – Coordinated Attack by Sussex Machine Pt. 4

While all of this madness is just getting started, it is announced that Prince Harry (a traitor, disgrace and deserter of his post and family) would be giving awards to American veterans. Not only were/are Americans outraged by this, but people thought out the world were/are.

This punk SHOULD NOT be anywhere near our soldiers! He doesn’t even have enough respect to wear a suit that is not wrinkled while wearing his medals!!!!!

When we made our feelings known about this utter and complete travesty…. we began being threated by having the US Department of Defense come after us and we would suffer “real world consequences”.

Now, where would these Sussex Twitter accounts get the idea that they can threaten us with the Department of Defense? That is insane. They are getting this idea from somewhere. Prince Harry had just recently did an event with The First Lady and Lloyd Austin – Secretary of Defense.

Upon your review of these, in addition to them saying we’ve messed with the wrong people (The UN) you can see why some of us might be a little skittish…. judge for yourself.

These people are psycho.

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