This Woman is Dangerous

@SarahData_ – “Product Manager” for the Sussex Squad (Whatever that means, yikes) is incredibly dangerous.

I have NEVER heard ANYONE on our side collecting information like this on anyone. Who do these people think that they are? KGB?

Why on earth would she be doing this? Why on earth would anyone want to do this? We are not an enemy of a State!!! And, at who’s direction are they doing this? Who feels they have the right to do this? THIS is cyber-stalking.

Cyber criminals? Jail Time? Law enforcement? She’s a good citizen for doing this?????? And, she clearly states that she knows where @sarazmood lives and it is a strict country for on or offline harassment.

Oh, and thank you @stephq for confirming that Christopher Bouzy “has the ear of Twitter”. We knew, but you confirmed it.

And, look who else popped up in this thread… @scobie .

And, this is just ONE example… I’m sure that the Sussex Squad Machine has more than one “Product Manager”

If I were on Twitter, I would be tweeting the shite out of @Jack asking him about Christopher Bouzy having his ear and how this @SarahData_ is getting this information and tell him she is getting this information.

Lock your doors folks, and people may want to start looking into hiring food tasters and people to start their cars….

10 thoughts on “This Woman is Dangerous

  1. No doubt here on your info. SS reeks of Hitler style tactics. My GOD! where is Patton when we need him. Big Patton fan here since my dad was with Patton when the war came to an end in that small German town. Anyway sorry got off base somewhat. If anyone thinks tw has nothing to do with shutting folks down, ?, well………


    1. Oh, I’m with you. We are in Stalin, KGB, Hitler and the Secret Polizei with the way they are acting. As far as Patton goes… WE ARE ALL PATTON at this point! Ha! That’s so cool that your dad was with him!!! And, yes… she is directing the entire operation… who else would care enough to? No one.

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  2. How can this even be possible. The way that I see it is that Twitter is saying that if you are on a specific side of the debate they will protect you but if you it are in the other side food luck not drowning. I guess lol why takes. Facebook looks less corrupt.


  3. I’m leaving this comment to let you know I am still here and thank you again for the time that you are putting in to this. Blessings


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