So, I stumbled Upon Some Things…

Contrary to the Sussex Squad, Christopher Bouzy and Fake Murky (who has since changed his name to “Get Murky Meg Off of YouTube”) I do, in fact, have a life. That is why I’ve not blogged since yesterday afternoon…

However; I have been able to look at things, here and there, and I can’t believe what I found… I’m not ready to put it out yet, as I have to look into a few more things about it, and I want to be thorough and complete.

Let’s just put it this way… you’re jaws will drop. Or, they won’t. Ha! My personal reaction was “Omg. Of course. Of course that’s what’s going on.” It’s shocking, but not really. What it definitely is, is frightening.

Christopher Bouzy is the smallest Guppy Fish in an ocean of killer whales…. if that tells you anything. I mean, we already knew he’s a nobody… but, now I know he is just a useful nobody.

I am also going to blow apart his “report” and prove that IT is a coordinated attack. There was no “analysis”. I think that we all knew that, already. But, I am going to prove it.

I am also going to be adding a “Tweets of Shame” section to this blog. One thing that I noticed (before I got suspended from Twitter for no reason) things move very fast on Twitter, and I would forget about things after like an hour. So, this will be an archive of them. I am constantly gathering new ones.

I also decided that I am going to start a YouTube channel. So, as soon as I figure out how to make videos and actually learn how to use YouTube, I’ll get that up and running.

Finally, here is what my @duchessofnarsussex Twitter account scored (on Bot Sentinel software, the same Bot Sentinel that said and got me removed from Twitter) the night before my suspension. Go figure… I also ran a Twitter shadow ban test on my account the night before… and I got a perfect score. I tweeted that out with this report. Unfortunately, I do not have the screenshot of that, as I copied an pasted the pic to the tweet. I’m not sure if there is a way to get those old tweets, or not.

I’ll be putting out new material, tomorrow. Have a nice evening.

17 thoughts on “So, I stumbled Upon Some Things…

  1. I imagine I won’t be at all surprised at what you dig up. The thing is what do we do about it. I have not had any reply from Twitter and don’t expect one, they’re defending the SS.


  2. Thanks so much for this and for all the work you’re doing, this is a horrible business. It makes me think Twitter is too sick a place to be on. Would love to see you on YouTube. At least the Bouzy ‘report’ is fast being dismantled and his credibility shredded. Maybe YouTube might think twice about heeding him. So glad to be getting your email posts 💕

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  3. Looking for forward to what u can tell us! He is upsetting a lot of people on Twitter, but they are also taking their own action, not anything I can say on here, because I know he does read these post. thanks for the post, appreciating everything you are doing !

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  4. If I can help in any way let me know! I still dont understand why u were suspended? Please dont stress because of this person, he just intimidates people, he has no real power ! Apart from intimidation and bullying ! And if necessary we need to put a case to Twitter and others! There would be more on this site, but lot other people like Aust are not aware of this site. Not sure about other countries!

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    1. Oh, I’m not stressed by this person, he’s a joke. Those people are the one’s who have something to lose. They are public people. I am not. They (M&H) would have a serious PR problem if they came after me… a serious one. And, things that Bouzy has said… well, I can’t say that here. The one thing you can do, is send me current information. I’m sort of hindered from getting a lot of it now, I can get some, but not like I would if I were still on twitter. I’m not sure why I got suspended from Twitter, either, other than they just don’t like what I was saying. One of the investigators even said that I was not a racist (which I have a screenshot of). Here is my email address – . Then once you email me there, I can give you the secure one. Ha! Thanks!

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      1. I got suspended that night…..I’m pissed about this censoring. It’s bullshit!!! I want the truth OUT!!! THNK YOU AGAIN ❤❤❤❤❤


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