Pt. 1 – Political Targets???

The short answer is “yes”. The long answer is “yes”.

Christopher Bouzy claims that his company, Bot Sentinel, is non-partisan and non-biased. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

He is a proven, radical, left-wing political activist that uses Bot Sentinel to target, smear and malign anyone that has different ideas and political leanings than the political party that he belongs to and works for. Why on earth would a political operative be targeting us?

First, let me get into the personal motives that Mr. Bouzy had to start this witch-hunt of his.

A few days after he announced that he was doing an “investigation” on us… He retweeted a tweet of his from 1.12.21.

He promised that “damning information would be coming in out in the next days and weeks.”

He is referring to the Insurrection on Jan 6.

I guess it took longer than he planned! What a joke

He tweeted that it had to do with the Insurrection, and not the Meghan Markle investigation… hhhhhmmm…

He then goes on to say that we were conductioning a “decentralized campaign with minimal effort”.

To me, that sounds non-coordinated, but… who am I?

He also referrs to our age and race.

Interestingly enough, I cam across something while I was looking through the information for this post. Anyone that has payed attention to my twitter account, they know that I have often talked about politics and the politcal backing behind, Meghan Markle.

Well, I tweeted something VERY interesting (something new that I found) about Hillary Clinton and Meghan. That was on October 17th and Mr. Bouzy announced his investigation on the 18th. Just one day later. Now, I’m not making this solely about me, as it is not… but, I did seem to be one of the larger targets. I’m just pointing out the coincidence. I will write about what I found in the NEXT blog. It never ends with these people.

So, this sugar (that’s in the know) states that this really wasn’t about, Meghan Markle, but more to “highlight ‘the’ issues).

My first thought when I read this was that Mr. Bouzy was not getting enough attention on his Project Veritas investigation and wasn’t going to be generating enough PR, so he could be more “donations”.

So, he went with a subject that provokes a lot of emotion (the sugars) that he would be able to meet his prime objectives… most importantly money.

Now, I was engaged by Christopher Bouzy MULTIPLE times during that week. I felt like I was singled out because of my political leanings… We’ve all had comments made to us that we are Trump supporters, whether we are, or not. I have tweets (which I will put in the tweets of shame section) that say that we/are being funded by the Trump campaign. These people need to get a grip.

About a month before, I had posted a picture of myself with, Donald Trump Jr. and Bouzy used it for propaganda purposes.

So, why would he be coming after us? I will show you all of the different political groups that had been harassing me in the weeks leading up to the report… and during the report.

I will also put more photos up of Bouzy’s left-wing, radical rants!!!! These are mild.

6 thoughts on “Pt. 1 – Political Targets???

    1. Maybe you see something I don’t? I have no problem with the law draft as is currently stands. The target is about domestic terrorism, forced prostitution, and abuse against vulnerable groups such as the mentally disabled.

      [No UK court system is going to go after small issues. It costs too much. It isn’t the US, that has a for-profit prison system. Which gives non-Americans like me the shivers.]


      Are we political targets? Of course.

      Are the Cambridges? 100%.

      Everyone who is watching #6 and Co., know that. Dividing the monarchy, sowing, discontent, are classic big money moves.

      William will inherit the ear of many countries and their wealth. Other people want that for themselves.

      Just my opinion.

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      1. Don’t even get me started on our “for-profit” prisons…. I’ll never forget my boyfriend at the time (he wasn’t the brightest. ha!) came home and mentioned that he had heard of a great investment opportunity. I was to invest in contractors and real estate developers that were going to be building these “for-profit” prisons. I said “you will do NO SUCH THING”. They are awful… I can’t even talk about it. They have ruined so many innocent lives… As for the second part of your statement. you’re opinion is spot on!

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  1. Showing his true colours xxx

    On Mon, 1 Nov 2021, 20:26 Sussex Machine Mission to Silence All, wrote:

    > The Duchess of Narsussex posted: ” The short answer is “yes”. The long > answer is “yes”. Christopher Bouzy claims that his company, Bot Sentinel, > is non-partisan and non-biased. That couldn’t be further from the truth. He > is a proven, radical, left-wing political activist that uses ” >

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