What REALLY Happened…

If you find this interesting, please feel free to tweet Eli, Buzzfeed and any other media outlet. Also, as I mentioned below… I will be putting out WHAT IS REALLY behind all of this, today.

On this post, I am going to map out what really happened based on the evidence that I have. Soon, I will be done getting us through the past, so that we may concentrated on the present/future. I, obviously, have to use myself as the example (that’s all that I have to go off of) but, this has to do with all of us.

By the end of this post, you will see a very… I don’t know what to even call it… I guess disturbing picture. This may be a little long, but I don’t want to have to do multiple posts on it.

Christopher Bouzy has made several references to me having “multiple accounts” and that I have been “suspended” once before. Those are both correct, but there are reasonable, rational explanations for those. The reason I got suspended one before… it was last fall and I had made a joke about, Where’s Hunter Biden. Where’s Hunter is also a little darling of the accepted political side, so know one should ever DARE to make a joke about him. It had nothing to do with, Meghan Markle. So, that’s that.

I got on Twitter on June 26th of this year, and within three days, I was already on the Sussex Squad hit list… I’m sure this has happened to many, many others. Then, one of the biggest cheerleaders they have put out a tweet to the cabal stating that I was an “evil turd”. I’ve been harassed and targeted from the beginning. I’m not sure where the one got the idea that I wanted to “cash in on Meghan hate”. I don’t even make money from my blog. I also caught the attention of, Stephanie Guerilus @stephq, which REALLY put me on the radar.

So, after a while, being on my account got pretty annoying. I was constantly dealing with angry sugars all of the time. So, I opened my Queen of Leinster account. (*Note – you are allowed to have multiple Twitter accounts… many sugars have them and so does Christopher Bouzy. I guess the only one who is not allowed to is me.) I enjoyed this account much more because (for some reason) the name of the account did not attract such negative attention, or it didn’t get on a list. Omid Scobie didn’t even block it. Ha!

But, in true Sussex Squad fashion, a high-level sugar eventually made her way to this account, as well. Everyone is familiar with @Smalldeer66. (Who, funny enough, has been “doxxed” before (she claims) talked about how awful it was, but was calling for all of our identities to be exposed to the public.

She accused me of working for the palace. Ha! What a joke.

Being that I don’t, I sort of stopped using that account because I did not want them to affiliate me with them.

So, I went back to @duchessofnarsussex.

In the meantime, Yankee Wally, had heard that I had written two blogs. One about, Archewell, and the other about Meghan Markle’s background. She got in touch with me and asked if she could make a video about them. Of course I said “YES!” – what an honor!

After that, A LOT of people began to ask me questions about foundations and the US tax code. As, I am an American, and because of my education and work experience, I know all about it. People were asking if they could help, so I put this together. I did use the word “targeted” but, as you will see from the context, it was to find out more about companies, not about the Sussexes. Perhaps, I could have used the word “specific” but it’s pretty much ridiculous. Here is what I tweeted. Pretty innocent.

I can’t really remember how we went from this to the idea for the EVIL “intelligence” agency that the Sussex Squad and Christopher Bouzy found so threatening. Since I wasn’t getting much traction with this approach, I thought I would make it fun, so I could get more “buy-in” and participation. Which I did. Everyone was great! I guess how it was written and my idea of how to make it fun, was frightening. It was nothing more than information sharing (which I thought a lot of social media was for) and it wasn’t directly/specifically directed at Harry and Meghan. Here are screenshots of what was written, as I took it down from my blog. I’m not hiding it, as I am providing pictures here.

Ellie Hall (Buzzfeed) seemed to be stuck on and wrote in her article “end the house of Monte-Shite-Show” well, I’m not really sure what she thought I meant, but that was only in reference to their “façade”. These people are so touchy.

Here is our conversation before the article came out. She references, Archewell. Sorry the “lazy” comment. I was trying to keep it light! 😉

Here is where it gets interesting. On all of the Sussex Squad’s “hit lists” my Queen of Leinster account was never mentioned, and it was one of the ones that was suspended. The Fake Murky knew that was my account….

Another account that was never on those lists that was suspended was @NikolaiAnastasR which is not my account and they know it. That account did interact with Mr. Bouzy and put on his tweets all of his scammer information… hmmmmmmm.

Mr. Bouzy has stated that I have an “IP Ban” – well that is simply not true, either. Being that I have been harassed on every, single account that I have, I do, in fact have another account. Another account that has never been mentioned by the sugars, or him. I thought I was a racist, hurtful person? So, wouldn’t I be on all of them? I rarely use that account (just like QL) and it didn’t show up on their “report”. It is also still up and running, which proves that their list of all of us was targeted and NOT found because of our tweets. They have been watching specific accounts that they flat out didn’t like.

I open an account to collect information. Barely any followers, barely was used. Again, multiple accounts are allowed, so I’m not sure what the issue is. How could it have been hateful towards Meghan Markle? It wasn’t. Let’s compare that account to Ian Sexton and Christopher Bouzy’s information gathering accounts, shall we?

So, that is what happened, so for my next trick, I will show you EXACTLY what was/is behind all of this. It’s pretty incredible. And, not in a good way…

Below are some tweets from the Sussex Squad compiling their lists for Bot Sentinle’s unbiased “non-partisan” report. What a joke.

12 thoughts on “What REALLY Happened…

  1. This is a political issue. I commented on your next post about UK people being threatened with 2 years JAIL if they “psychologically” abuse anyone on SM. Who gets to decide what psychological abuse is? It’s out of control now.

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  2. So you admit to having multiple accounts on twitter (the real and exact reason you are banned). That is a violation of their terms and services, and they are well within their rights to ban you again. Then you admit to setting up a “targeted” campaign to spam those who caliberate with these people, and recruit people to do the same? “Spy organizations” and such? That is targeted harassment. Another valid reason to ban you. Terms and services. You are so unhinged you don’t understand your hideous conduct, and you are STILL trying to justify it. This blog is a deranged mess. Move on.


    1. Below is a link from twitter on how to manage multiple twitter accounts, so that’s a lie. So, the reason I got banned is because of multiple accounts? Not because I’m a racist and a hate account? Ha! Thanks for letting me know! I used the word targeted and if you read closely, that I had nothing to do with Meghan Markle. And, stop making up stories. “Spamming” or anything like it was not mentioned. It was to look into. You all have used the word “recruit” not me, again… stop putting words in my mouth. That was just a theme for fun. Why is it that everyone else is allowed to joke around on Twitter but me? Hmmmmm…. If you’d like to see what REAL targeted harassment looks like, please feel free to look through my blog. There is A LOT there from the psychotic Sussex Squad. And, there will be A LOT more. You’re so unhinged that you took a trip over here to MY blog to say what you need to say. And, it was an epic FAIL on so many levels. Sounds like you need to move on “Claudia”. Couldn’t they have sent someone over here better than you? How embarrassed they will be. Happy reading, clown.

      Twitter Multiple Account Link Info – https://www.bing.com/search?q=can+you+have+multiple+twitter+accounts&cvid=3057795588b944a5b08a40baa41487ba&aqs=edge.2.69i57j0l2.10631j0j1&pglt=43&FORM=ANNTA1&DAF1=1&PC=HCTS


      1. No you were banned, because you had an account, from which you were banned. Then you created another account. That is circumventing a ban. Clear violation. Also yes, you were a hate account, and you encouraged others to harass. Violation. Your account was also a primary use account for your harassing conduct. Yes, tweeting about a subject 300 times in one day, and not much else, is private use. Again, violation. Check the rules again. You violated many, but still were allowed to post vitriol for quite some time. Your ban was necessary, and justified, and I hope you serve it well. By the looks of this helter skelter frenzied blog, you’re not taking it well.

        Keep up your crusade against the psychotic Sussex Squad, as it makes no difference to me. But you are screaming into an empty room.


      2. Claudia, can I first ask how you are so privy to Twitter and my account history information?That’s very interesting. Again, can you supply me with any racist and encouraging people to harass other people? I’d like to see those. I explained to Mr. Bouzy about the ONE DAY that he claims that I tweeted that much. First, I respond to each and every twitter comment I get, unlike other people and that was on a day where Mr. Bouzy was coming after me, personally… and our whole group. Can you get me a read out of what all of those tweets were? That also would be interesting to see. And, if I was a violator who allowed me to keep tweeting and why? So, should I send the list of Sussex Squad accounts that I have that have been banned and have new twitter accounts? One brags about having been suspended 12 times (last I saw). Necessary for who and for what? Do you own twitter? Do you own the world? Are you a representative/spokesperson for twitter? Do you represent and/or speak for Chris Bouzy or Bot Sentinel? By the looks of you even coming by and looking at this “helter skeltor” blog and taking the time to open up a dialogue… you seem to not be taking it well. Guess I’m still bothering someone…. If you could get me all of that info, that would be great.


  3. I read YOUR OWN tweets and justifications, that’s how I’m privy to your account history. You said these things YOURSELF. Tweeting 350 times in one day is not even explainable. That’s an average of almost 15 tweets an hour in a 24 hr period, and you didn’t even tweet for 24 hrs. What on earth would elicit that? There is no justification. NONE.

    What is this “group” you are speaking of? Is that your targeting “group”?

    You were tweeting unnoticed, but when twitter was made greatly aware of you presence and your obscene behavior, you were swiftly banned — AGAIN. When will it be enough? TWITTER did that, not me. I don’t own anything. They have their platform, and their clearly posted rules, and you were in clear violation, hence, your swift banishment. I have nothing to do with it. Stop blaming everyone else for your crazed behavior.

    Again, do what you will with Sussex Squad accounts, it is of absolutely no consequence to me. I don’t engage in all this menacing back and forth.

    All in all, you were banned for good reason. But your obsession will not stop. You are absolutely spiraling on this blog. If you took the time to step outside of the madness, and really looked, you’d see how crazed this all looks.


    1. Claudia, the only one that is obsessed here is you. You are now stalking me and have followed me. You’re right, it does look crazed. Not because of me… I just post screenshots, mostly. Lastly, I don’t care about twitter. I got everything I need off of it.


  4. Duchess of Narcissism, How could I be stalking you? That is very narcissistic of you. I only know of your cyber existence from a twitter account that isn’t even yours. That’s how far your hatred was released into the universe. Now that your twitter is gone, you are screaming out into space and none but a few, and myself, are able to hear you. You got nothing from it, except bad Karma, and apparently a depression that is bordering on madness. Take care of yourself. Take some time away from the hatred and darkness, and take care of yourself.


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