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As some of you that have followed me on Twitter, I often would speak about Archewell, Meghan Markle’s political ambitions, her relationship with HRC and the complete lack of charitable intent that Archewell has.

A few days ago, I mentioned that I had stumbled upon something…. which I am gearing up for now. Some things need explained first.

I had to go back again to examine all of the key players at, Archewell. Most have backgrounds that are pretty self-explanitary and have no real mystery to them. Other than why they are working at a charitable foundation…. I have attached two, old blogs to this new one, if people are not familiar with them.

One of them did sort of jump out at me this time. She is the COO of Archewell, Mandana Dayani. First, I just have to say she is BEAUTIFUL. She was born in, Iran, so she is Persian. She has a very interesting story. Although… I am going to guess that we have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in common politically (maybe on some social issues, as we are around the same age) she seems like a very respectable and smart girl.

What made her stick out to me… she wants to run for political office and has always wanted to and she is an attorney. I’m thinking (hoping) that she is just using the Harkles to further her political ambitions. In my opinion, she is the real star at Archewell. And… wait for it… has close ties and has worked with HRC.

Now, we get to the really scary part. As soon as I heard about and watched the “Facebook” whistleblower, Francis Haugen’s, interview, I immediately thought to myself “I bet she has a connection to Archewell” and she does.

I only looked into it a little bit, tweeted about it and then moved on. Then, this whole mess happened with the Twitter joke “investigation”. After looking over everything for about a week, things started to become clear to me as to what was REALLY going on. I had seen a few pro-Sussex twitter accounts that had the words, or used the words “Meghan is the blueprint”. I really didn’t understand what it meant and just chalked it up to sugars being delusional sugars. If you type in the phrase (Meghan is the blueprint) on twitter, all sorts of things pop up.

Well, yesterday, I was talking to a friend of mine about this (they barely cared… Ha!) and when I said those words, I then said “No, wait… Meghan isn’t the blueprint, Meghan is the trojan horse!”

They are using her as a cover to push their left-wing social agenda through to limit speech in the future, not only for her, but for general political reasons. I’ve heard several accounts, specifically the Sussex Squad podcast, say the only thing that guarantees you free speech is the government. You (us) don’t have free speech on any of these platforms. So, what they are doing is putting a system in place, or purging accounts of all types to limit speech that way, so… they are pretty much running these companies and bullying them into submission.

They are doing this with, Twitter (obviously). But, they are not trying to destroy, Twitter. They just want it to be an echo chamber for them. And, everything that has to do with the Sussexes, is all about politics. The Sussexes are just a red (ginger) herring. Jack Dorsey has a lot of powerful, liberal friends. Two of which are very good friends of Harry and Meghan.

Lucky for, Jack Dorsey, he gets to keep his platform.

They are doing the same thing with YouTube. They are gearing up to harass You Tube, but not destroy it. Why? Prince Harry and many others are involved with Google and Google owns You Tube. So, they get to keep that too. How special.

I’ve seen them say “You Tube is next”….

So, we all know that there is a sort of “rivaly” with Twitter and Facebook. Facebook also owns Instagram, in case some of you don’t know.

Since its harder to mob Facebook because people use their real names…. they just flat-out had to go for the jugular. Which they did….

Now, in comes, Francis Hauge who (in my opinion) is one of the three most dangerous people within the Archewell sphere and quest for literal, global domination… even more so than Haz’s Wife.

You can read more about her, or watch her 60Mins Interview.

She worked as a “Product Manager” at Pinterest and…. wait for it Google. She worked at Pinterest from 2016-2018.

Here is the second most dangerous woman in the Archewell sphere. Christine Schirmer. She was the “Global Head of Communications” at Pinterest from 2014-2020.

She was there at the same time as Francis Hauge! Ha! Imagine that! And, they are lock and step in line with each other on their beliefs.

Here is the third most dangerous woman in the sphere. I have talked about here before… @SarahData_ on Twitter. She refers to herself as the “Product Manager” for the Sussex Squad… Yikes! She seems to be involved with “data” type stuff outside of the SS. She’s a die hard, though.

So, there is waaaaaaaaayyyyyyy more to this (there always is) but, I wanted to get your gears turning… as, this all takes time.

Below are just some tweets for you to look at and some of the organizations that Haz is involved with. So, happy reading and much more to come.

I’m not sure about Tik Tok, yet. The sugars seem pretty pleased with it.

I look forward to your comments and thoughts!

After the latest announcement of the *cough “Not for Profit” Archewell Foundation’s latest hire, I decided to take a look at the management and leadership of the Sussex’s, Archewell (productions and audio).

When I was looking at their staff, I began to notice a common theme between all of the them. I also noticed something that was lacking among them… I’ll address that at the end.

Let’s first start with, Catherine St-Laurnet. Catherine was the previous, Executive Director of Archewell.

She had previously worked for Melinda French Gates’ Pivotal Ventures (investment and business incubation company) the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation doing communications. She has also been involved in many, global PR campaigns.

She started working for, Archewell, in April, 2020. She left after a year.

A statement was released that she would stay on in an “advisory role” and will be setting up her own “foundation” that will be “supported” by, Archewell.

This tells me that something bad happened, or she saw something that was amuck and Archewell is trying to keep her quiet.

James Holt is the current Executive Director of, Archewell.

He has worked for the Sussexes for several years and was head of communications for the Royal Foundation when the Sussexes and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were involved.

James’ background is in politics, having worked for Liberal Democrats and former Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg.

Mr. Holt studied journalism at Lincoln University based in Lincoln’s city center.

Mr. Holt will be working with, Sunshine Sachs, a PR and Crisis Management firm that has been working with the Sussexes, for years, to help their image.

Mandana Dayani has just been hired as Archewell’s new Chief Operating Officer.

Mandana helped lauch the Rachel Zoe (celebrity fashion stylist) Collection, a contemperary women’s wear collection.

Dayani left the company in 2015 to join Everything But The House, an online marketplace for estate sales, as Chief Brand Officer. Dayani was a part of thier leadership team that raised $84.5M in venture capital and was the Executive Producer of their TV project for HGTV.

Ms. Dayani was the creator and cofounder of, I am a Voter. “I am a Voter” worked with many large companies (and well known, left leaning celebrities) to boost voter registration.

Genevieve Roth is the senior strategic adviser to Archewell. She runs, Invisible Hand, a “social impact and culture change agency” and is the former Director of Special Projects for Glamour Magazine.

On the, Invisible Hand, Instagram page it states that they “harnesses the power of creativity and storytelling to propel the world forward”. Invisible Hand has created campaigns, strategies, and activations for clients including Archewell, PBS, The Obama Foundation, The XQ Institute, and The Girl Effect.

Roth also has a political background and was director of creative engagement on Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign…. SHOCK!

Christine Schirmer is yet ANOTHER communications person working for, Archewell. Ms. Schirmer will “oversee the communications strategy for Archewell, future production projects and other personal ventures,” People reports.

She is a “Silicon Valley big-wig” and worked for Pinterest for several years.

She will also be working along side, Sunshine Sachs.

Tonya Holness is the Archewell’s global press secretary, dealing with UK media as well as US from California.

Tonya has been in communications for 10 years. She ahs worked for the NYC department of education and the LA Clippers.

“I get to help people tell their stories for a living.”

Brace for it… she will also be working alongside, Sunshine Sachs.

Ben Browning, Heaed of Content, will oversea the (for profit) Archewell’s production arms, i.e. Netflix, Spotify, etc…

Ben is actually not in communications, PR or politics… it’s about time they had one.

Ben has won many awards including an Oscar, BAFTA, PGA and Golden Globe award.

He has previously worked for HBO. Browning will have responsibility for the couple’s multimillion-dollar deal with Netflix, which was signed last summer.

“From the moment they shared their vision for Archewell as a global production company that will spotlight diverse voices and share uplifting stories, I knew I wanted to help with this unique opportunity. It’s a thrilling company to be starting.” – Benjamin Browning

Rebecca Sananes is Head of Audio for Archewell Audio. She will report directly to Benjamin Browning.

Sananes was previously lead podcast producer of Pivot, New York Magazine and Vox Media’s show.

The people that the *cough non-profit Archewell Foundation has hired are undoubtedly talented people. The common theme, between all of them is, that they are all comms people and have political ties (directly and indirectly) to the Democrat party. Its funny that the “Duchess of Sussex” who has, now, denied that she has any political ambitions would hire such well connected, political people. Only two out of six people (listed here) are not comms people. However, they are production and content people, so that kind of goes hand and hand.

What I noticed that was missing out of this group… is charity, charity fundraising work, helping people (other than telling their stories) feeding and clothing the poor, etc…

While all businesses, charities, foundations, etc. need PR and comms, they certainly don’t need six, heavy hitters (along with a large PR firm). These organizations need to have people that carry out, organize and do the mission and stated intent… I think it is pretty clear what Archewell’s real intent is… façade and cash.

I also have concluded that the management, leadership and firms working with Archewell is a big club and the Sussexes aren’t in it. The “Duke and Duchess” of Sussex are being taken for a ride by these people. They are draining the coffers on things (comms and PR) that are intangible. There is nothing tangible about Archewell… much like the Sussexes themselves. The Sussexes have no intangible qualities between them either, but that is a different story for a different time.

These comms people have sold the dynamic, dumb duo on what Bill Gates said “If I were down to my last dollar, I would spend it on Public Relations.” (Funny that some of these people have actually worked for Bill Gates).

Archewell, based on all these PR hires, either doesn’t have much money, will actually be down to their last dollar because they spent it all on PR, or the people who’s “Foundation” it is are complete narcissistic, shallow morons.

I’d like to say I feel sorry for the “Duke and Duchess” but, I don’t. Not at all…

Who is Meghan Markle

The world knows her as the American actress that married, Prince Harry. So, how did a z-list actress, with lackluster talent, and an even less lackluster personality, position herself to meet and marry the most eligible bachelor in the world, a Prince of the United Kingdom? Good question…

The “Duchess of Sussex” had a middle class upbringing in Los Angeles, CA. Her father, Thomas Markle, was a successful lighting director in Hollywood. Thomas’ brother, Michael, was an American diplomat and helped secure, Meghan, an internship at the US Embassy in, Argentina. Meghan, allegedly, has a Foreign Relations degree from Northwestern University.

Harry’s Wife’s mother, Doria Ragland… well, Ms. Ragland, has a long resume. Make-up artist, yoga instructor, BA Psychology, Masters Degree in social work, was a social worker… and, most interesting to me, she owned a travel agency…

In an interview that Haz’s Wife gave in 2013, she talks about her mother’s travel agency and “connections”.

I just want to put it out there that there was a really great show called “The Americans” (based on a true story) that was about deep cover KGB agents (during the cold war) that lived in DC and their cover was running a travel agency… I’m not saying that Doria Ragland is a deep cover KGB agent… I’m just mentioning it…

Haz’s wife seems to have done a lot of international traveling in her young life. One question that I am going to leave open… who did she meet when she was an intern at the US Embassy in Argentina?

She said that she did not pass the “Foreign Service” exam, so she was unable to have a career at the State Department. Haz’s wife is an idiot, but she strikes me as book smart, so her failing is either a lie, or she did it on purpose.

She became an actress….

Ms. Markle moved to Toronto, Canada in 2011 to film the television show “Suits”. This is what she was best known for. While in, Toronto, she met, Jessica and Ben Mulroney.

Ben Mulroney is the son of former Canadian PM, Brian Mulroney. Through her new connections, Mrs. Mountbatten-Windsor was able to meet and cavort with, current Canadian PM, Justin Trudeau.

Now, how did Meghan Markle manage to position herself to meet, Prince Harry, and what was the agenda behind it?

Other than, she is a narcissist and has always been hungry for world fame.

Did she have an agenda before she met, Haz, or did someone give her an agenda, afterwards?

It seems as though her mission is to destroy the British Monarchy

George Soros is known for a lot of things, but one of the largest and most significant ones is… he literally broke the Bank of England. September 16, 1992, George Soros shorted the British Pound Sterling and destroyed it. https://fortunly.com/articles/george-soros-and-the-bank-of-england

Meghan Markle sure is trying to destroy the British Monarchy by creating racial division….

Hillary Clinton is an outspoken critic of the British Monarchy… specifically about race. Hillary Clinton is a huge “Sugar” – a term used for Meghan Markle supporters

Hillary Clinton is obviously involved in American politics, and is most likely mentoring Haz’s Wife to see that “her” political ambitions come to fruition.

Did Hillary Clinton advise Meghan and Harry on how to use their fame and their foreign royal titles to interfere with the American Presidential 2020 election?

Hillary Clinton is a long-time friend, associate and political ally of, George Soros.

In addition to destroying the British Sterling… does George Soros want to destroy the British Monarchy, too? I certainly think so… there’s a lot of history there. He could, directly or indirectly, be using Meghan Markle to do it. These are just some things I’ve been thinking about and wanted to share. There is too much here for things to just be a coincidence.

I just find it highly unlikely that a mediocre person (inside and out) like, Meghan Markle, was able to get where she is without a little help….

14 thoughts on “Spider Webs & Internet Webs

      1. I’m so glad I found ya! I been on a rampage reporting da sugars on Twitter and YOUTUBE❤😁. I will definitely email you🖤💙


  1. Miss you DN..I’m following you. I’ve tried to keep in touch with you. Please let me know how I can help in ANY way. I think your GREAT! I’m on the “hit list”. Don’t know why I’m still there. Thank you for your work on this issue. I knew I was right..you just proved it! Thank you!


  2. There was a bi-racial woman who ran a blog, she was from Texas and her name is Lauren (I have forgotten her surname but I will search for the story) and she was approached by “somebody” who asked her if she wanted to play a game and take down a foolish prince. She declined the offer and didn’t specify who the somebody was. I know that HRC visited M at Frogmore House, just can’t trust those emails and phone calls any longer. I have been chilled at the number of people who have been suspended, none of the filthy accounts of the SS are suspended so it always seemed to me that they were biased. YW has had her Youtube account hacked and they’ve taken over her personal bank account, she has apparently got the police involved so this is really becoming serious. Ofcourse they want to shut down our so-called free speech but I have a dreadful feeling that they will do exactly that. I’m furious at the stupid people who are helping them, they are too thick to understand that THEIR free speech is next to go. too late then.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They don’t realize it. I stand up for EVERYONE’S right to free speech, no matter what they say. Without free speech any free society is toast. There is a reason freedom of speech is USA FIRST Amendment and not the second. Free speech and free thoughts are the most empowering things you can give to people. Even more so than firearms….

      Liked by 2 people

  3. I just had to come back to say that I’ve been following world politics closely for the last 10 years and got so depressed with what I was seeing that I decided to give it a break for a while and do something light with the time I spent on my computer so I started following the Clownshow. Imagine my surprise when I realised that it led me back to the political sphere. I hadn’t been able to put it together as well as you have, so thanks for your work. I used to follow you on Twitter, this is my WordPress name.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have been into politics since I was a little girl. My father would always have Rush Limbaugh on… I think he came on the air when I was around 9. I WAS HOOKED!!! (I actually met Rush one time at a Steelers game) So politics have always been my interest. But, on Jan 20, 2021 @ 12:01 pm EST I stopped watching…. I don’t need to watch the news to know what’s going on and it is depressing. So, I thought I would just start paying attention to something light, and pop-culture…. I never DREAMED how completely INSANE this whole thing is. Had I known, I wouldn’t have even gotten on twitter in the first place…. this is crazier than ANY political forum that I have ever seen.


  4. Goodmorning DN. Thank you for your hard work, I have had a question maybe you can help me with and that is the writer R.S. Locke (a pen name/ why not use a real name) who writes for the Grio, Medium, appears to be Harry’s wife or close to her, possibly Scooby. She’s Royal Suitor on Twitter but honestly the account is very fishy to me. She’s all over the Paid Family Leave act now tweeting away, before that she tweets all about the project du jour of Harry’s wife. I saw one of her tweet in the Sussex squad info you posted. Do you know if Yankee Wally is ok? She posted some cryptic messages. This entire scam is really deeper than I ever imagined. I will try to help where I can. I hope we don’t spook these rats before they are all exposed.


    1. Those rats are too arrogant to get spooked… they’ll continue on. Yes, I believe she is OK, considering…
      As far as R.S. Locke goes…. I never paid much mind to them. I know they are a big account for this shite-stain squad, but they literally have bored me to tears when I tried to pay attention. One thing about the shites, they do have a lot of edge! Ha! That being said… since you brought it up. I will pay attention to them. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. 🙂


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