Wicked, World Wide Web(s)

This is just a quick follow-up to my previous post “Spider Webs & Internet Webs”.

I just saw a couple things (as I was/am trying to fall asleep) that I wanted to log in with all of this.


Facebook Whistleblower and Friend to Archewell:

All at the same time as this SHITE is going on….

And, what the HEEELLL is this?

“…. rewriting the rules in ‘real-time’….”

“What happens next, happens here first.”


Ummmm…. ok, I’ll join you, but just to listen to your plans….. hahahahaha!!!

This should be good.

I forgot to mention, Christopher Bouzy, in my last blog…

I don’t want to call him a useful idiot… because as I’d like to say he’s an idiot, he’s not.

He’s gotten to where he is (wherever that is exactly) so he’s not an idiot.

He is a nobody, though. He is a useful nobody. He might be a “somebody” to his family, but… he’s nobody to the people that have him doing their bidding.

And, when he is no longer useful, they’ll toss him aside and he’ll be just a nobody…. etc.

It looks like the Sussex Squad is starting to get a little restless.

He’s got to come up with SOMETHING and fast, or its Big Trouble in Little Twitter for ole’ Chris,

This should be fun to watch….

7 thoughts on “Wicked, World Wide Web(s)

  1. Big Brother here in Australia might be worth watching on Monday night 8th November.
    Thomas Markle Jnr is sharing a letter he has written to Megain plus other photos etc.

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