Harry’s Wife’s Political Ambitions…

The woman who introduces herself to everyone, including sitting US Senators, as “Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex” wants to be “The President of the United States” someday… like, in 2024.

Now, as funny as that is… is, exactly how funny it is not.

This is also why my blog is now named “Sussex Politik”.

I find it hysterical that when “The Duchess of Sussex” was in England, she wanted to be Meghan Markle the American… now, when Meghan Markle is in America, she wants to be “Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex”

Rachel Meghan Markle – The Narcissist – just wants to buck the system (wherever she us) and go against the grain/causing trouble.

All for attention and control. Then, when/if she is criticized (she usually is because everything she does sucks and is a flop) she’s got the victim card in her hand, ready to use.

Here is another slam dunk from HG Tudor. He discusses her phone calls to Senators and her political ambitions… all through the lens of narcissism.



2 thoughts on “Harry’s Wife’s Political Ambitions…

    1. That would be incredible! The sugars heads would explode. They think he is Satan and I am Lucifer… they actually thought we were the same person for a while. I think those boneheads finally figured out that we’re not. Dumb.


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