2 thoughts on “Word Salat! – 😬

  1. This Claudia person is pathetic. Gloating that your Twitter was wrongfully removed, your right to free speech stolen. She’s still clamoring to read the truth because in her pettiness she knows she’s the liar and the hater. Her so-called employer is the admitted fraud, she knows that as sure as OJ is a double murderer.

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    1. Hhhhhhhhhaaaaa!!!! Yea, well… if she didn’t like me free, non-racist, non-hate speech on twitter… she’s really not going to like my new YouTube channel, where I’m not limited to 200 words… 🤣🤣🤣. These people have pretty much begged me to do it… As soon as I figure out how to actually make the videos, I’ll put them up.


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