5 thoughts on “Word Salat! – 😬

  1. What condescension!  It takes someone mighty egotistical to write something like that…speaking of narcissism!  God almighty, some people really are just that ignorant.  This is the same type who wants everyone to be quiet while they give their own superior pronouncement of who can say what to whom. (MM and H).The more they talk, the more they reveal…to those who pay attention that is.Sent from my Galaxy

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    1. You know… I’m about 3/4 inclined (because my twitter handle was named in those articles about the “coordinated hate campaign”) to challenge Prince Harry to a debate about the “internet lies” they first of. I may contact “wired” or whoever it’s through, and id be willing to taje in their entire panel about it.., just me, and all of them. I’lol show my face and take name… We’ll debate, and i’ll destroy (figuratively speaking) all of them. What do you think? They can prep all they want… I’ll go in cold and unprepared. They think we’re all uneducated and dumb… I’ll prove them wrong. What do you think, should I do it? And, if I do challenge… do you think they’ll accept? I doubt it.

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      1. From experience I will say that it is not worth it. You will be giving up your privacy, which you cannot take back. While the SS has lost and gained nothing.

        The following is my opinion. They are not interested in hearing you with an ear to logic. Belief and feelings, and their own personal experience are what fuel them. Because they are so intermingled with Megan’s story, everything that is said or discussed about her becomes a personal attack on them, and their lived experience.

        As far as Claudia? Ignore her. Really. She isn’t discussing the topic, nor commenting with any thought. She is simply ranting. It is she that is screaming into a void, projecting what she accused you of. You are the only one that has responded to her. While you, have had the opposite happen.


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