Duchess of Cornwall – Hate Account

The Sussex Squad Podcast twitter account is the premier HATE account for the Duchess of Cornwall…

As Bouzy and the sugar SS Polizei twitter unit like to say… “it should me monitored and reported as much as possible.” 🤣

Here is their website address as well… they give away scholarships and everything… 👀


Here is their HATE – it’s pretty bad… I find it interesting that they all of the sudden have changed their twitter name🧐 ha! 🤡🍬🍭💩

And, here are just some other random, f-Ed up tweets I saw… I’m riding in the car… 🤣

3 thoughts on “Duchess of Cornwall – Hate Account

  1. I’ve just been onto the sussex squads website and I am totally gobsmacked at the absolute tripe they spout in direct denial of the real truth. I only got through half the first page before I wanted to throw up. I’m also disgusted at the hate being shown towards Camilla. What a bunch of complete and utter hypocrites just like their “leader”, she who shall remain nameless. Just out of interest is this hate coming from the US, or are their elements in the UK too?

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    1. They are so nauseating. I would say that most of the hate comes from the Caribbean countries, people that have moved for the Caribbean to 🇺🇸, The US and then the UK and other countries are last in regards where they hate is coming from. I’ve tweeted about this subject many times, and my theories about what is behind it all. I’m glad you asked this question, I’ll do a blog and/or a YouTube video about it in the near future. 😁☺️ – Thanks, Robert!

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