YouTube Video – I Did It!!!

Omg…. trying to make this video has been so difficult, I can’t even tell you, but I did it!

I hope that you like it… its a little long… I didn’t realize how quickly the time goes when there is so much information to go over!

What I did was give a little background on myself, so that everyone can get an idea of where I’m coming from, and how I see things.

Its a little rough, but… I promise I will get better! I got the first one under my belt! Please let me know, either here or in the comment section on YouTube.

Also, since the Sussexes, and all of the shennanigans that they have going, there are so many things to go over.

So, please give me some ideas about what you’re interested in. I have something to say about everything!

After this video, and probably one more… I want to start focusing on current and future events. I’m done with the past, and I think everyone else is, too!

5 thoughts on “YouTube Video – I Did It!!!

  1. Yay, thanks so much for the effort put in to your first video. I typed in your YouTube handle but the search didn’t bring your channel up. I want to ensure you aren’t shadow banned from the get go. Did anyone else have the issue? Video played fine, so that’s great. Also I do hope you do a separate video on the PR machine and the vile Sunshine Sachs. It is very confusing to me in some ways. For one, I would think if you pay $$$ the PR would have a positive effect on her popularity but the opposite is occurring. Is that intended? It’s just weird to me. The PR machine is certainly playing down her lies being exposed in the recent appeal with the Daily Mail. I mean how does one forget that you had palace staff meet with the authors of this supposed best selling book? LOL

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    1. I’m not shadow banned. When I search for my channel on my phone, I can’t find the channel, but when I look in my computer I can find it. 🤷🏻‍♀️

      Someone else asked me to do a video on Subshine Sachs, too! Im DEFINITELY going to do that! GREAT IDEA! Thanks!


  2. Meghan being an off the chart Narcissist would overrule logical suggestions from Sunshine Sachs, PR firms, Consultants, Hired Help with Archewell, Meghan’s Wife, etc.

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