Public Relations – 101

Many of you have asked about how, exactly, Public Relations works.

I believe that most, if not all of you, have a general idea of what it IS.

Well, now you’re going to know how it WORKS!

And, it’s happened again. I had a particular, very important subject matter planned for today’s video.

And, AGAIN, these arse-holes pull more shenanigans.

Which is fine by me because this video that I’m making, is probably the most important, the most exciting project that I have ever worked on in my 42 years. And, I’ve worked on many, many exciting projects.

I’ve also been afforded (throughout my career) the opportunity to work with, some of the most brilliant minds in PR/Communications/Journalism.

Pittsburgh has produced an incredible amount of talented people. Two girls that’s I’ve known since I was a kid and went to High School with, are now running two of Americas largest, well-known television networks.

These two women, LITERALLY, RUN two of the largest American television networks.

Now, I have not discussed any of this with them.

I’m CERTAIN they know about it, obviously.

What’s so great about growing up with them, they KNOW that I’m not the MONSTER these idiots are painting me out to be. Both of these women are on the complete opposite side of politics than I am (except for social issues we agree on) and they will be SHOCKED if, when they hear about it.

I’m making the video now, and this one is going to be as close to perfect as I can get it. It’s that important.

I ask that you spread this blog out as far as possible, so at least ONE sugar sees it. And, of course watch it.

Now, let’s give it up for Pittsburgh!

6 thoughts on “Public Relations – 101

  1. I am very excited to see this. What do your friends estimate the Sussex pay Sunshine Sachs annually? The Daily Mail believes they offer the Sussex’s a discount for their PR services & referred to Ken Sunshine’s bare-knuckle tactics, his ties to left wing politics, the Clinton Family and Harvey Weinstein. The Sunshine firm came under criticism for editing online Wikipedia to remove negative stories about their clientele even if those stories were true. His firm has planted negative stories to combat negative press stories such as against Harvey Weinstein accusers.

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  2. I’m really excited to hear your explanation on this. I couldn’t even estimate how much the Sussex pay Sunshine Sachs annually in PR although the daily Mail implied the Sussex would likely get a discount just so sunshine could have their account. But ken sunshine is tied to the Clintons and Harvey Weinstein. Sunshine Sachs has gone to far to plant negative stories to help their clients and even have Wikipedia edited against negative true stories. All I see is PR fail. She and Harry are just despised more than ever.

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    1. Well, I was only going to make one video (its loading up now) but then it ran too long, so I decided to split it into two
      which I’m so glad because some interesting things happened with Bouzy right before I started it. Which, actually filled in a blank for me, so this is going to be about the PR, but… sort of in a different direction. The first one, whenever its done loading, should be out soon, and the other one will be after that, sometime tonight. It’s quick and easy to make them, now…. the software I use takes for ever to load. .


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