One thought on “Et Tu, Sunshine Sachs?

  1. Do you know or have you heard of someone named Jean Gasho?  She’s apparently writing a book about Meghan and from what I read, Yankee Wally has mentioned her or did a video about her.  I think I vaguely remember YW mentioning this woman has a blog and I think I did read it but don’t remember the contents.From a thread I saw on twitter today, something odd is going on with her/her account(s) on FB and or Twitter.  She has suddenly decided she’s made a mistake by writing this book.  She recently found out that her husband apparently, has something to do with Scobie and money exchanged hands.Her following are concerned about her and are questioning if her account has been hacked because posts and writing don’t sound like her.  This was the second time on twitter this morning the name Scobie came up in the context of account hacking. A Twitter account called Panlitone Silver Tongue (I don’t have the correct spelling at the moment) was suspended, the reappeared.  The “reappearance” was noted by Amarosy (sp?) Who was alerting followers to be careful as it was a fake account and Scobie and the SS were mentioned in the many comments.  People were were being blocked and as well as blocking this account.  It was also reported but the fake acct is up while the real account is suspended.Then someone posted a list of “fake” or hacked accounts. I haven’t got time today to see if there is anything to this or if it’s only a case of twitter madness but thought you might be interested in case you’ve heard something  or it might fit with something else. 😅Sent from my Galaxy


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