Let’s Try This 🎬👀🤣

They let a video through, that DOESN’T have to do with, Archewell.

They are letting Taz, Wally, etc. videos up, but, they are digging through their lives to publicly destroy and smear them.

Since I’m about as “Lily White” as they come… they just won’t let my videos go up.

Please read ALL of the comments, in the comment section.


Aaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!! 😤😤😤

I have been trying to upload the F-ING video since last night…

And, I still can’t get it.

I bought a little, HP laptop in June. My boyfriend friend and I travel a lot, so I just needed something simple that I could drag around.

It is not built for what I’m trying to do, and it is reality slowing me … US down.

I’m going to the store right now to get something better.

So, as soon as I do that… I’ll be getting these videos up faster.

I have a PR 101 – Sussex Case Study Video Pt. 1 finished (the one that keeps getting stuck loading)

Then, I will have a PR 101 – Archewell Case Study Pt. 1.5

Then, I will have a PR 101 – Sussex Funny Farm Case Study Pt. 2.

They’ll be up as fast as possible! Probably a couple of hours. ☺️

Public Relations – 101

Many of you have asked about how, exactly, Public Relations works.

I believe that most, if not all of you, have a general idea of what it IS.

Well, now you’re going to know how it WORKS!

And, it’s happened again. I had a particular, very important subject matter planned for today’s video.

And, AGAIN, these arse-holes pull more shenanigans.

Which is fine by me because this video that I’m making, is probably the most important, the most exciting project that I have ever worked on in my 42 years. And, I’ve worked on many, many exciting projects.

I’ve also been afforded (throughout my career) the opportunity to work with, some of the most brilliant minds in PR/Communications/Journalism.

Pittsburgh has produced an incredible amount of talented people. Two girls that’s I’ve known since I was a kid and went to High School with, are now running two of Americas largest, well-known television networks.

These two women, LITERALLY, RUN two of the largest American television networks.

Now, I have not discussed any of this with them.

I’m CERTAIN they know about it, obviously.

What’s so great about growing up with them, they KNOW that I’m not the MONSTER these idiots are painting me out to be. Both of these women are on the complete opposite side of politics than I am (except for social issues we agree on) and they will be SHOCKED if, when they hear about it.

I’m making the video now, and this one is going to be as close to perfect as I can get it. It’s that important.

I ask that you spread this blog out as far as possible, so at least ONE sugar sees it. And, of course watch it.

Now, let’s give it up for Pittsburgh!


More, GOOD YT Channels!

About a week or so, ago… I put out a list of YouTube channels to watch.

Since then, I have been made aware of some smaller channels out there, that are GREAT and definitely need checked out!

Let’s show them some support! I am just finding out how hard it is to make YouTube videos and how much work goes into them, so let’s give these guys some 🙌🏻👏🏻🌹🙌🏻👏🏻🌹🌹





Happy watching!!! Enjoy your Saturday night! 📺💻🖥♥️

YouTube Video – I Did It!!!

Omg…. trying to make this video has been so difficult, I can’t even tell you, but I did it!

I hope that you like it… its a little long… I didn’t realize how quickly the time goes when there is so much information to go over!

What I did was give a little background on myself, so that everyone can get an idea of where I’m coming from, and how I see things.

Its a little rough, but… I promise I will get better! I got the first one under my belt! Please let me know, either here or in the comment section on YouTube.

Also, since the Sussexes, and all of the shennanigans that they have going, there are so many things to go over.

So, please give me some ideas about what you’re interested in. I have something to say about everything!

After this video, and probably one more… I want to start focusing on current and future events. I’m done with the past, and I think everyone else is, too!

YouTube Channel

Hello, everyone!!! I literally just walked in the door from my tour of New England. While it was beautiful (the leaves, the weather) and the lobster, crab, octopus, etc. was delicious… I’m glad to be back.

Of course, so I can get started on everything I/we want to accomplish with this whole mess…

Here is my YouTube Channel.

I’m super excited!!!! As mentioned, I know what I want to say and go over. I just have to figure out how to make the videos… which I am about to start now.

Thankfully, some of our friends have given me tips and offered to help me make them…

There is a lot to do and a lot to go over!

So, its time… let’s get after it!!!!

‼️ – 😎 Updates🥳 -‼️

I like to keep everyone abreast of what’s going on with me…

As you know, I’ve been traveling. As you also know, I’ve been promising to do a YouTube video/channel about all things Sussex, and the ridiculousness that comes along with them.

I hoped to have it done, tonight…

In the meantime… I’ve been asked to supply someone (😎😊) with some information regarding all of this… That is taking first priority, as they are looking at a hard deadline.

So, I am getting things together for this person, tonight (I’ve been waiting on some things to happen with 🤡🤹🏻‍♀️ today) so it will be complete.

Why am I telling you all of this? I am a firm believer in… “do what you say you’re going to do, when you say you’re going to do it…”

So, I apologize, but my YouTube video is not going to be out until tomorrow…. I just don’t want anyone to think I’m full of 🎈 and 💩 .

The big thing that I am struggling with… I really don’t know how to make a YT video. I have all of the info, and I know what I want to say… I just don’t know how to make the video…

I just want to show some pics, and do narration with them… if anyone one has suggestions on what program to use on an HP laptop OS (11) or IPhone 12 … I would appreciate it suggestions… I keep looking, but everything seems more complicated than I want to make my first few videos…

Also, I have a few updates to my “favorite YT channels” page… and some comments to get back to…

I just want to let people know, I’m not ignoring them, and just not adding… Just haven’t had the chance yet.

And, my boyfriend is a jerk, and that has been taking up A LOT of my time… 🤣😤😳

I’m sure many of you, that have ever been in a relationship ever… can understand and understand/know my plight….

Talk soon, and we’ll hopefully see some results soon.

A LOT of people are working OVERTIME behind the scenes…. 😎😘😈

These are my favorite YouTube Channels.

I’m riding in the car (my boyfriend is driving and we are on our yearly fall. lobster, restaurant and drinking tour of the New England) I thought I’d just put together all of my favorite YouTube Channels.

They are in no particular order of favoritism after HG Tudor which is my absolute favorite!

1. HG Tudor




















Duchess of Cornwall – Hate Account

The Sussex Squad Podcast twitter account is the premier HATE account for the Duchess of Cornwall…

As Bouzy and the sugar SS Polizei twitter unit like to say… “it should me monitored and reported as much as possible.” 🤣

Here is their website address as well… they give away scholarships and everything… 👀


Here is their HATE – it’s pretty bad… I find it interesting that they all of the sudden have changed their twitter name🧐 ha! 🤡🍬🍭💩

And, here are just some other random, f-Ed up tweets I saw… I’m riding in the car… 🤣