Sussex/Clinton Foundation

These pictures will show more hate it it will also show that the coordination effort is very, very large with very powerful people…. this is just the beginning.

Shortly after this happened… on September 24, 2021 – The Sussexes met with the WHO, Chelsea Clinton and some others.

Someone that I followed on, Twitter, had retweeted, Lauren Dobson-Hughes tweet about the Sussexes meeting. Lauren Dobson-Hughes, has a very interesting, and political resume. She once was the President of Planned Parenthood – Ottawa. Now, she is doing COVID-19 vaxx stuff…..

When I saw her tweet… I looked up a couple of things about it quickly, and then retweeted it back out. Within MINUTES of me tweeting it, she deleted her tweet, blocked me and locked her account. Murky Meg retweeted my tweet (I had screenshots of LDH tweet, so it was still able to be seen).

Here are (some) of the screenshots regarding this subject:

Part Three – The fall out of Murky Meg and the stalking, gang stalking, cyber stalking, coordinated target efforts, intimidation Sussex Machine kicks into high gear.