#NewDayNewDawnNewEra – WTF Is This?

Ok… something very frightening is going on… seriously. THIS is some inorganic coordination.

While, top Sussex Squad Leader (racist and multiple account twitter holder) @JoDivaRunner was so arrogantly bragging that she is one their cult leaders and mocking us for thinking they are weird (they are) she doesn’t mention that… their little celebration for Harry and Meghan – #NewDayNewDawnNewEra party has been planned since March 10, 2021. Interestingly enough, that was two days after their “BOMBSHELL” interview….

So, what gives? I know Meghan Markle has her hearing for her “breach of privacy” trial… before the November 6th, the day of the party. Have they been planning something since Oprah this entire to time to somehow interfere with that hearing?

Who knows. What I do know is, I had seen a lot of chatter on Twitter about an assignment and “Meghan said if we complete this assignment/task…” – I’m looking for some of those now.

What I did stumble upon were some tweets are speaking about “understanding the assignment and that Meghan is trending in Australia”….

I’m not really sure what is going on here… but, I am sure that there is definately a large coelition working towards some goal before November 6th.

Take everything you’ve seen into consideration, look at this stuff and decide for yourselves. My brain hurts.

10 thoughts on “#NewDayNewDawnNewEra – WTF Is This?

      1. No, I’ve seen a bunch of them talking about it over the past few weeks. I’m looking for the screenshots… But, I obvlioulsy can’t get on twitter. Try doing a search for assignments, tasks Meghan and this ridiculous #NewDayNewDawnNewEra thing….

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      2. Hmm… have you tried the web archive? You don’t need to be on Twitter to look for stuff through the web achieve.


  1. This assignment. Think I know, you have to warn people. The party on the 6th is 4days before court trial. The want to show pictures of how well off they are being paid to defend meghan. ITS A TRAP. They want to cause a backlash online against meghan to interfere with the court case, same sort of thing as witness tampering, make the court case null. WE MUST NOT BE BAITED. DO NOT RESPOND TO THEIR ASSIGNMENT BEFORE THE COURT CASE. DONT RESPOND DONT BE DRAWN IN. PLEASEEEE TELL PEOPLE. Sent from my Galaxy


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