How Stooopid is the Sussex Squad?

Update #3 – From “Claudia”

Updated… this might go on for a while with “Claudia” and I…. hahhahahahah!!!

This stupid…

One of them decided to drop by today to give me the what for (ha!) about what exactly happpend with this sham of an “investigation”.

She let me know that I was suspended for having multiple twitter accounts. Which means that I was not suspended for being racists and a hate account…

I then supplied a link for her where Twitter actually shows you how to manage your “multiple” twitter accounts. So, that was a lie.

So, if you can have multiple accounts on twitter, and I wasn’t suspended for racism and “hate” then WHY WAS IT EXACTLY THAT I WAS SUSPENDED???

Twitter Link –

This whole thing is more crooked than a dog’s hind leg…. Sussex Squad, Bouzy and the like… Pick a story and stick with it… you look like fools… even bigger fools than you already did.

6 thoughts on “How Stooopid is the Sussex Squad?

  1. Yes you are def dealing with some stupid frustrating people ! The info has been a really interesting and an eye opener! If they want to donate to this guy let them! If people are that stupid to believe he is going to put their money to good use, they deserved to get scammed ! Cant believe they have followed you to WordPress, you have a raw nerve with this group and their master! Thanks for all the amazing work you have done! If I wanted to can I share any of your info on twitter with obvious reference to you of course? Look forward to more of your posts !


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